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#ConfidenceWorks! Workshop

#ConfidenceWorks! Workshop

Join us as Nancy Martin of Nancy Martin Coaching and author of "Dance Your Way to An Empowered Self: 4 Elements to Achieve Shining Confidence," presents her #ConfidenceWorks! Workshop for women. Come learn how your everyday outlook can be transformed by confidence. 

Nancy's #ConfidenceWorks! Workshop will surround you with the energy needed to find your confident core and use it moving forward. Through exploration, connecting, shared energy, and movement, Nancy shows how to embody your confident, authentic self. By tapping into this inner power that you already have, you will find that you are lighter, you make more powerful decisions more easily, you find beauty in places you haven't before, and you move through life with that beautiful, feminine body of yours with grace and strength. 

This is the time for YOU as a woman, to grow, bloom, explore, show your beauty, and begin a new life of confidence and strength in the way that only a woman can do! This is your time to shine!

If there is anything more powerful than a strong, confident woman; it is a group of strong, confident women bringing their intentions and energies together in one place. You deserve this! You are worthy and deserving of this time together. You are meant to shine and this group will help you do that. You have greatness in you - let's release it!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Middletown Free Library
Community Room
  Adults     Seniors     Teens  
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