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History of Service Animals under ADA Regulations

History of Service Animals under ADA Regulations

Join us as Judy Reese, PhD & Shakespeare, her service dog, talks about the history of service dogs and ADA Regulations. There has been a wonderfully dramatic increase in the number of services dogs and what they can do for their handler. This is based on hard, peer reviewed scientific research. Unfortunately there has also been a disheartenly large increase in the number of dishonest people who try to pass their pet dogs off as trained service dogs. These “fake service dogs” make things much harder for those of us with real needs and truly trained service dogs. There is substantial confusion regarding service animals, and this is where Judy can be of help with her ADA Presentation on Service Dogs and other issues.

Knowledge is power and at the end her presentation she is open to answer absolutely any questions you might have. Some of the points she will cover in her presentation are: up to date ADA regulations from the Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice; some of the uses of service dogs; increase of Invisible Disabilities, especially among returning veterans; the scourge of fake service dogs; and how you can help dispel the misinformation regarding service animals.

She will also have her partner, Shakespeare, along and he does bring a smile to everyone.

Friday, February 22, 2019
2:00pm - 3:30pm
Middletown Free Library
Community Room
  All Ages  
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